Our Self Reliance

Expanding with great potential combined with supply proficiency, allowing us to be the market leaders in raw feed materials in Pakistan, and our extreme dedication is acknowledged by all the other market players. Matra Asia has been fulfilling clientele demands for a decade. We provide service to customers globally. Being self-reliant traders, we trade with local and global market leaders, without compromising our ability to provide exceptional service.

Efficient Stock & Supply

Our diligent team, efficiently stocks and exports the products to fulfill customers’ needs across the world. We’re committed to providing the best quality maize. Maize is a significant source of energy for ruminants. In dairy animals, it can support high milk yields because of its high starch content. Maize is a high-energy grain that can be used to improve dairy cow reproductive performance. We keep the maize in our efficient silos of 0.15 million metric tons along with accurate measures.

Extracting Essence

We heat the maize at a perfect temperature to dry the moisture content. We are providing excellent quality and aflatoxin-free maize to our valuable customers, and we also ensure that our practices align with international standards.
We work together with the farmers to extract the finest quality product and also connect them globally. Our organized supply and deep market insights allow us to stimulate stable relationships with the customers.