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INTENSE (Bio-stimulant)

INTENSE is a highly efficient Bio-stimulant, which contains organic Nitrogen, Plant growth regulators & substances derived from beneficial soil microbes. These microbes are well known for their antifungal & phosphorus solubilizing properties.


Intense promotes vigorous plant growth & increases crop yield up to 15% by helping the plant in several ways such as:

  • Intense mobilise nutrients from soil to the roots especially (phosphorus and iron).
  • Intense promotes extra flowering and helps in fruit retention.
  • Intense help in gaining fruit size by helping translocate food from plant to fruit.
  • Intense ensures excellent root development.
  • Intense boosts the plant’s natural immune system against diseases.
  • Intense helps plants to tolerate drought and saline stresses.
  • Intense protects the roots from nematodes and fungal diseases.

Application Method:

  • Seed treatment: Wheat & Potato.
  • Drenching: Sugarcane, Cotton & All Vegetables.
  • Root treatment: All Nursery crops like, Rice, Strawberry, Onion & All vegetables.
  • Flooding: All crops

Application Time:

Intense can be used in the early stage of the crop within 30 days of sowing.

Application Rate:

1-2 Packet of Intense/acre.


Intense is chemical free and is compatible with all types of pesticides & fertilisers.

Detail description of application

Sr. No Crop name Intense/acre Method of application Amount of water required/acre
1 Wheat 1-2 packet Seed treatment 500 ml
2 Potato 1-2 packet Seed treatment (spray) 8-10 litres
3 Sugarcane 1-2 packet Soil drenching 160 litres
4 Strawberry 1-2 packet Root dipping Or Drenching 17 litres or 160 litres
5 Rice 1-2 packet Flooding Or Root dipping 50 litres
6 Cotton 1-2 packet Soil drenching after germination within 30 days of sowing (drill sowing/flat sowing) 160 litres
7 Fodders 1-2 packet Soil drenching after germination within 15 days of sowing Or Flooding 160 litres
8 Vegetables 1-2 packet Soil drenching after germination within 30 days of sowing. Or Powder placement with seed Or Flooding 160 litres
9 Maize 1-2 packet Flooding At least 50 litres